"Companies worth US$38
billion to
start ups, 200
plus year old's
to just born
brands, we have
consulted and
guided them all."

Our Name

The year 2008 was challenging for many and will go down in history as one of the toughest for businesses worldwide.

That’s the year when the company’s founders thought of swimming against the tide and planting a seed of hope called ‘White Water Public Relations’, an independent communications agency headquartered out of Dubai.

The founders, bootstrapped and nurtured this firm over the years and ensured that the company grew strong roots. Today the company collaborates with a strong team of professionals in the industry and supports its clients with their communications objectives.

Since then the firm has consulted brands from across continents including Antarctica. From US$38 billion to startups, 200 plus year old’s to just born brands, we have consulted and guided them all.

We differentiate the brands and steer them through a completely unique communications journey and that’s our core strength.

We are one of the only communications agencies in the world to have come up with a unique solution and you can now ‘HIRE IDEAS’, that have the potential to elevate your brand onto a different trajectory. Do visit this section on the website to know more and take a step ahead of your competition or perhaps beat your own records.

That’s White Water for you nothing more, nothing less!

You Tell,
We Create.

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Our claim to fame

White Water PR, a Dubai based PR agency, aims to be the firm that thoroughly understands the clients’ requirements and provides them with a personalized and customized approach as opposed to providing cookie cutter strategies. We are the new age corporate story tellers.
We are proud to state that UK’s Chesterton, a 208 year old brand established in 1805, and Johnson Controls, a US$38 billion, 128 year old brand established in 1885, have chosen White Water PR as their communications partner in the region.