Austria national tourist office: One of the most vibrant places on earth



  • The Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) is Austria’s national tourism organization. Since 1955 the main objective of the association has been the promotion of Austria as a vacation destination.
  • ANTO’s central goal is to secure and expand tourism country Austria’s competitiveness in cooperation with all Austrian tourism partners. By doing so, ANTO contributes essentially to increasing Austria’s market share in international tourism.
  • ANTO wanted to attract tourists from the GCC region to Austria and our mandate was to bring out the vibrancy of the country through our PR stories.


  • The challenge was to bring Austria into the limelight during the summer season here. This is a period when all the other countries try to woo the travelers from this part of the world as the temperatures soar up to 50 degrees and the schools are closed.
  • Our messages were customized as per our communications objectives. Austria has grown faster than any other European country in this market and we highlighted this fact through our stories, and we were able to achieve our objectives through focused articles within the targeted travel and lifestyle publications.
  • White Water PR analyzed the tourism research reports and developed a hard-hitting storyline to increase the tourist traffic from the region to Austria.
  • We also profiled the company’s spokesperson as a thought leader in the travel and tourism industries.


  • Our stories were covered by lifestyle publications and digital publications and that led to an increase in traffic to Austria during the summer.
  • In 2012, Austria counted a total of 218,070 arrivals (an increase of 36.3%) and 712,514 overnights (an increase of 35.2%) from the Middle East. The majority of Middle Eastern guests in Austria came from KSA (29%) and the UAE (28%). In 2013, the client received a significant increase in the volume of calls and interests from the GCC travelers as compared to the previous years as a result of this short campaign.

Austria’s National Tourism Organization chose to work with White Water Public Relations

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