White Water was hired to create campaign for black water



  • The blk. The company’s mission is to be an ambassador of health and fitness, to be an icon of form and function, and to support a healthy lifestyle that is conscious of the modern man or woman. blk. athletes dare to push themselves further than they thought was possible.
  • Nutrient-rich fulvic and humic minerals are naturally dark in color. When added to water they turn the water black, naturally! There are no additional dyes or color added to blk.
  • Alkaline water helps the body neutralize acidity and stay in balance. Normal water has a pH of 7.0; alkaline water has a pH level of 8.0+ helping keep your body in check.


  • The biggest challenge faced by the brand was the color of the water, which was black, which made people reluctant to try.
  • White Water PR had to break this mental barrier of the target audience and convince them to try the water.


  • We highlighted the nutrients and the nutritional value of blk and how it would benefit them.
  • We targeted the healthcare and fitness centres in the UAE.
  • We positioned the brand as a fashion statement.
  • This generated inquiries from not only the UAE but across the world.
  • Our social media content was appealing and that attracted the audience
  • This was followed by several inquiries from restaurants and high-end hotel chains

White Water PR’s engaging social media campaign ensured that people drank blk water.

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