OYO hotels & homes: World’s fastest growing hotel chain



  • OYO Hotels and Homes hosts guests from around the world in over 23,000 hotels and over 1
    million rooms (hotels and homes), and more than 125,000-holiday homes, adding over 80,000
    rooms every month, globally.
  • With OYO Hotels, over tens of millions of customers have access to an ample supply of
    standardized and trusted accommodation offerings at extraordinarily affordable and predictable
  • Every night almost 500,000 heads rest on a pillow in OYO, a testament to the impact the
    company is creating across the globe.


  • OYO Hotels and Homes was establishing its operations in the UAE in 2018 and they wanted an
    agency to do a launch that will make an impact within the hospitality industry.
  • The launch was held at the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa, the World’s tallest tower.


  • White Water PR managed the event and invited the media to witness the launch of a brand that
    keeps breaking records, literally, on a daily basis.
  • We also profiled Ritesh Aggarwal, the 26-year-old billionaire CEO and created opportunities for
    1-1 interaction with UAE’s mainline publications.
  • Post the launch it was important to sustain the brand visibility and we continued the campaign
    by being part of high-profile events such as the Arabian Hotel and Investment Conference
    among several such forums.
  • OYO is now a well-known brand in the UAE and GCC markets.

OYO is set to become the world’s largest hotel chain interms of the number of rooms by 2023.

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