WATER 2022

WWPR’s initiative to conserve water and support global climate change campaigns



  • ‘Water2022’, a WWPR initiative wants to reach out to schools and kids at the grass-root level and educate them about the challenges of climate change and water conservation.


  • We are trying to educate the youth today so that they can conserve the earth in the years to come.
  • The majority of today’s youth (read as tomorrow’s future) are lost in the world of gadgets.
  • People don’t realize that their future generations will also need some amount of freshwater to survive.


  • White Water PR connected with UN-Water and kick-started this campaign on world water day.
  • We embarked on a signature campaign and we went to car wash stations, metro stations, malls to educate and get people to take a water conservation pledge.
  • We then rolled this campaign out on social media to get a wider reach.

White Water PR aims to save water worth billions of liters by raising awareness.

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