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Most able bodied people take things for granted and often we don’t value it.

White Water PR was delighted to play a role in sharing this beautiful and heart touching story with the world.

31 year old Senegalese footballer Mame Mdiaye was able to hear clearly for the first time when he came to the UAE for the Special Olympics in March 2019.

Mdiaye was one of the people who received hearing aids from UAE-based firm Starkey Hearing Technologies, during the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi.

When volunteers from our client Starkey flew to Senegal to check how he was faring, an emotional Mdiaye communicated that he was thankful to the UAE, for transforming his life into a happier one, forever.

A total of 260 Special Olympians from across 67 countries are now able to hear clearly through the hearing aids provided by Starkey Hearing Technologies.

Some of these athletes had partial hearing loss which was then completely rectified. During the Special Olympics World Games, Mdiaye visited the ‘healthy hearing’ pavilion, where a thorough screening was done by Starkey Hearing Technologies.

Mdiaye, who also missed out on his schooling because he couldn’t hear or speak clearly, is a great entertainer and one of the most-loved members in his football team.

Mdiaye’s coach Assane Thiam never thought that a miracle of this sort will happen to his team member. This was unbelievable and surreal for them. They were so happy for him now and delighted to know that he will have a much fulfilling journey ahead.


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