Prem Ramachandran

Founder &
Chief Storyteller
Prem Ramachandran

I was fortunate to enter the world of PR and communications in India, way back in 1996, May 26th to be precise.

It's been twenty long years since then.

My journey started with the Coke account and did learn some amazing PR strategies and game plans during the initial part of my career. However, the turning point in my life came in November 1996, when I was chosen to be part of the PR team that handled Michael Jackson’s History tour of India.

Prem brings in 24 years of communications industry experience to White Water PR. He has consulted close to 275+ brands, governments and events including Coca Cola, Microsoft, Samsung, Starkey, Gartner, Johnson Controls, Harrods Estates, Damac Properties, Ralph Lauren, Chestertons, CBRE, Medtronic, and the memorable Michael Jackson’s History tour of India and managed Ivana Trump’s visit to Dubai. He was also on the forefront of global fundraising campaigns with 100 plus Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. Prem believes in taking risks and launched White Water Public Relations in 2008, during the peak of subprime crisis. He strongly believes that a ‘great story’ and an equally ‘great idea’ is necessary to fast track a brand’s visibility by 10x in today’s corporate world. Prem holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Pune, India.

There are over 200 nationalities that reside in the UAE. So, how do you reach out to them?

One size fits all communications strategy doesn’t work anymore. Social media and digital platforms have redefined the way we communicate. So how do you reach out to your end customer?

Over the years, I have seen people conveying one message through PR, and a totally different message through social media. There is no synergy. In this case, both the campaigns are bound to fail or achieve limited success. A complete waste of time, efforts and money.


The way forward is to adopt an
‘integrated communications approach’.

We are specialists in that domain.

We help you to keep your brand alive, the White Water way.

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