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White Water Public Relations, a 12-year-old UAE firm and ReBlonde, an award-winning Israeli technology PR agency, today announced one of the first official partnerships between an Israeli company and a UAE company within the marketing and PR domain. The historic agreement between the two countries paves the way for peace in the Middle East and holds unprecedented potential for investors, tech companies, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and flourish. White Water PR’s partnership with ReBlonde aims to tap that potential.

This unique collaboration opens the door for UAE-based companies, entrepreneurs, and investors to have ReBlonde, a leading global PR agency based in Israel, supporting and building their brands and networks in Israel. White Water PR will offer the same services for Israel-based companies looking to enter the UAE. Israel and the UAE are both leaders in innovation and express strong common interests in financial technology, blockchain, real estate, medical technology, tourism, Oil & Gasand fashion among other sectors.

Prem Ramachandran, Founder, and CEO of White Water PR stated that, “This is a historic moment for all of us and these bilateral trade relations and peace will go hand in hand for the betterment of both the economies and the region. As things unfold and move towards a progressive path, our partnership is set to support companies to generate awareness and establish a firm footprint in both the markets. This is a brand new chapter in history and we aim to play a significant role in our capacities to build a strong presence for companies looking to UAE and Israel. These are interesting times for both the economies and we are ready to support them with all our might.”

“We’ve been helping brands build their name globally for the past 14 years,” says Motti Peer, CEO of ReBlonde. “We’ve had business relations with clients and other PR agencies all over the world and are extremely honoured to open this channel of communication both for ourselves and for our clients. This new chapter will kick off a successful business relationship between Israel and the UAE, and we’re looking forward to commanding headlines and reaching new heights together with our partner, for our current and future clients.”

White Water PR has worked across a wide spectrum of industries for the past 12 years and has launched Start-up to 38 billion dollar companies during this time. The firm has supported entrepreneurs, consulted energy efficiency companies, technology brands, law firms, hotels, restaurants, investment banks, real estate entities, themeparks, B2B trade shows, healthcare providers, Hollywood celebrities, and more. The company was also chosen by Johny Dar, for his global ‘Jeans for Refugees’ project, a unique global fundraising initiative dedicated to helping refugees across the world. The celebrities in the project included Joaquin Rafael Phoenix, Kate Moss, Emma Watson, Sir Elton John, and Victoria Beckham among several others.

ReBlonde is a leading PR firm for tech startups, enterprises, and venture capital firms in the fields of artificial intelligence, IoT, MedTech, and fintech, as well as cryptocurrency and blockchain. Led by Motti Peer and Alona Stein, the company takes after its award-winning predecessor, Blonde 2.0. Among ReBlonde’s top clients are Spotify, Viber, Zebra Medical Vision, Nanox, Inx, Dreamed, Airobotics, Delegation of the European Union to Israel, and more.

White Water Public Relations, has also created a unique value proposition called ‘Hire ideas’ for small and medium businesses in the UAE and Israel and it can be availed by companies across the globe.Real estate companies, schools, malls, cinemas, tourism boards, hotels, eCommerce stores, restaurants, consumer stores, themeparks, streaming platforms, hospitals, luxury products, consumer products, films, celebrities can all benefit from customized ideas based on their requirements.

“This pandemic has challenged us during the past few months, and it is important to futureproof the businesses ‘now’ so that they are ready to take on 2021. One of the ways to mitigate the risks posed by the pandemic is by infusing powerful and customized ideas within your strategy that adds value to your target audience. Once we manufacture the idea, it is ready to be rolled out across all forms of communication and marketing platforms. This pandemic has changed the way we do business and organizations will have to unlearn some of the old methodologies and replace it with some new ones that would catapult their brand to the next level,” concluded Prem Ramachandran.

To make it easier for SMEs in both the countries the company has created a simple form on its website, where they can click on the ‘HIRE IDEAS’ section to enter the requirements along with their budget.


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